When a nation cherishes its identity, firmly adheres to their faith, and is guided by lessons from its history, they move forward and sweep everything in its path.

787 years ago, the Tatars swept across most of the Islamic world and achieved a devastating clear victory over them. But it was the firmness and pride of the Muslims in their identity, faith and history that, despite their temporary defeat and setback, they stood up yet again; and despite all odds being against them, were eventually successful in leading the Tatars to enter the religion of Islam.

We learn from this that the greatest battles are not that of a nuclear weapon, politics, or the economy. The real battle is the battle of identity, the battle of history, the struggle of civilizations and only those who adhere to their identity, faith and religion will avail the penultimate victory. Allah promises in the Quran,

And Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know

Today, unfortunately, many Muslims are ignorant of their identity, history, and civilization. Those who do not know or acknowledge their history will not have a present or future. As the famous saying goes, “History is the strategic depth for those who seek to make glory in the present and the future.”

The weakness that afflicts the hearts of many today, is the feeling of feebleness and loss, the feeling of fear and confusion, the feeling of inability and in surrendering to desire, and consequently the blow of the torrential torrent. It is not the material wealth that leads to victory and empowerment, but rather the loss of the will of attaining victory and the readiness to be defeated and surrender. These weaknesses destroy the available sources of strength within the Ummah.  They prevent us from racing and moving forward and instead make us regress in all aspects of life.

As soon as the spirit of Islam recedes within the Muslim Ummah, weakness appears in everything we do, be it in politics, economics, society and even our very thoughts. Today, we are witnessing indescribable suffering, oppression, instability, and backwardness that Muslims worldwide face day in and day out. A state of disintegration of the Ummah to such an extent that in many places we are reduced to mere social heaps that have no connection, unity, nor identity that unites them, nor a goal to reach together. The people sway with the wind and are washed away in whichever direction the torrent flows. So the nation loses its effectiveness and leadership, and the spirit that flows in it dies. The following narration is an accurate prophecy of the situation the Ummah face today.|

Prophet Muhammad said, “Nations will soon call upon each other to attack you from every direction in the same way that people gather around an open feast.” Someone asked, “Will that be because of our small numbers at that time?” He (saw) replied, “No, you will be large in number at that time, but you will be like the foam that is carried down by a torrent of water; Allah will remove the fear and respect that your enemies have of you from their hearts, and He will cast Al-Wahn into your hearts.” Someone asked, “What is Al-Wahn, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “Love of the Dunya and hatred of death.” [Ahmad]|

The Muslim Ummah today, and the way that we do things make it unable to rise and fight back. The Ummah needs to revive and imbibe in itself the spirit of Islam, whether it is related to worldly affairs or the hereafter. If this spirit is lost, suffocated, or receded, falls into the delusion of this world, and runs behind martial pleasures, the Ummah loses its respect and dignity and heads toward the abyss.

AL WAHN: Desiring Dunya, Belittling hereafter, The TSP 2022 is a wake-up call for the Ummah, to learn from the past, realize and reform the present, and work to build the bright future based on the true spirit of faith that Allah promised. Allah tells us, 

So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.” 

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